About MTA

The Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA) was established in November 2002 under the Malaysian Societies Act of 1966. The objectives of MTA are essentially to promote the interests of its members and to encourage the implementation of self-regulation in the Malaysian Takaful industry. MTA currently represents 18 member companies – 11 Family Takaful, four General Takaful and three Retakaful operators.

MTA’s Vision for the Industry

To achieve the desired future Takaful landscape by creating value for the industry, society and country in every aspect of our conduct, in line with the Maqasid al-Shariah.


To support the vision, we are committed to build and strengthen our foundation through MTA’s Reform Plan 2022-2023 (ISLAH-23) focusing on four Key Strategic Objectives:

Establishing Visibility for MTA;

Adopting Best Governance Practices;

Achieving Operational Efficiency; and

Attaining Organizational Sustainability.

MTA Exco

First row from left:
Puan Suhaily, Puan Shazlyna, Encik Mohd Radzuan Mohamed, Encik Hasri Hamidan, Puan Siti Nor Kamariah

Second row:
Encik Zaifizar

MTA Secretariat

First row from left:
Nurin Sofiya, Nabilah, Nurain Syahirah, Puan Shazlyna, Encik Mohd Radzuan Mohamed, Mohd Asyraaf, Amirul Hafiz

Second row from left:
Farah, Nur Asyiqin, Jamilah Ahmad, Syahidah, Nurul Farhanah, Nur Adreena, Puan Siti Nor Kamariah, Mahyon, Syazana, Puan Suhaily, Encik Hasri Hamidan, Hasli Haril, Tony Hidayat, Encik Zaifizar

Tiada dalam gambar:
Ramizah, Anis Najihah, Nur Athirah, Ahmad Farhan

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